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May 27, 2018

Hello and welcome to branded lawyer. Click the button below to tell us where to send your instant download to How I generate 100 leads per month for my law practice while staying at home.

I wrote this e-book to share strategies with lawyers that are struggling with getting clients and practicing law at the same time. You could say I wrote this e-book for my former self. These are the strategies that I wish I knew when I first started practicing law.

I used to generate clients the traditional old fashioned way. Good old hand to hand combat. I tried:

  • Going to lawyer networking events.
  • Going to events with my target audience.
  • Speaking at events.
  • Engaging with prospects on social media.
  • Joining every list serve. I got lots of e-mails.

And I was exhausted. I needed to find a better way to do it. And not only did I find it, but I now get 100 leads per month and many of them pay for digital legal products or pay for phone consultations while I am asleep.

I have seen the other side. Stop doing hand to hand combat to generate leads. Check out my e-book to see the strategies I’ve learned to generate 100 leads per month while staying at home. And just so you know I’m not bluffing.

As you can see, according to my Google My Business listing I was able to increase phone calls to my office by 471% to 80 phone calls per month using the strategies in the e-book. This does not include phone calls, chat box messages, and inquiries from other sources. I get well over 100 contacts per month from all my sources.

The best part is I do this while staying at home. I’ve managed to minimize my effort and maximize my results. The e-book reveals the strategies that I used to do this. It’s the book I wish I had when I first started practicing law.

Brian Pendergraft Esq.
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Brian Pendergraft Esq.

Chief Brand Officer at Branded Lawyer
Brian Pendergraft is an attorney and internet marketer.Check out his e-book on How He Generates 100 Leads Per Month While Staying at Home to learn the strategies and use them at your firm.:)
Brian Pendergraft Esq.
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[E-Book] How I Generate 100 Leads Monthly For My Law Firm While Staying At Home

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