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Brian X. Pendergraft, Esq., Chief Brand Officer

Chief Brand Officer Brian

Chief Brand Officer Brian

Brian Pendergraft, Esq. is the founder and Chief Brand Officer of Branded Lawyer Magazine. He founded Branded Lawyer Magazine to create and share the best content on Online Branding For Law Firms. The Articles, Videos, and Tutorials he creates for Branded Lawyer Magazine are proven strategies that he used to grow his law firm The Pendergraft Firm, LLC.

When Brian first opened up his law practice he did not know how to get clients. He turned to the internet and put out the best content until he became sought after in his field. After years of practicing law, Brian has realized that his true passion is in online branding.

He has one job as Branded Lawyer’s Magazine’s Chief Brand Officer: To Help Law Firms 10x Their Online Lead Generation By Creating The Best Articles, Videos, and Tutorials on Online Branding for Law Firms. This is what the Branded Lawyer Magazine Brand represents 🙂

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