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Branded Lawyer Online Branding Toolbox

The current list of services, tools, and plugins use to create an automated lead-generation machine. We only list things we’ve actually used.

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Website Tools: Because Every Lawyer Needs A Website

Buying A Domain Name



We buy out website names using Namecheap. In our experience, their pricing for .com domain names is relatively cheap, but their pricing for alternative domains tends to be cheaper than the competition. We’ve used Namecheap to purchase many .coms and alternative domains such as .legal and .black.

Get Your Website Name

Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta Managed Wordpres Hosting

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

We build or websites using the open source version of WordPress. We recommend hosting WordPress websites with Kinsta managed WordPress hosting for speed, backups reliability, security, and 24/7 customer service. Be sure to check out our Branded Law Blog – Beyond SEO Course to learn how to build a law blog from the ground up with step by step videos.

Premium Website Hosting

WordPress Tools: Our favorite platform for building law blogs

Our Favorite WordPress Theme

Generatepress WordPress Theme

Generatepress WordPress Theme

Our favorite WordPress Theme is Generatepress. It is very fast, user-friendly, and has more customization options than all of the WordPress Themes I’ve tried. I wasted a lot of money trying and testing different WordPress Themes, and I am happy I found Generate press. Our most popular law blog uses it.

Our Favorite Theme

Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin

Our favorite WordPress Plugin is Yoast SEO. It grades your posts to help you optimize the content for the keywords you designate. I no longer attempt to get a perfet score from Yoast when in my writing, but when I was a beginner it helped me stay on the right track. Check out our blog post on SEO for Lawyers 101.

Get Found

Selling Tools For Selling Consultations and Info. Products

Selling Consultations & Digital Products

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss

We use Book Like a Boss to monetize our law blogs by selling consultations or services. It can also be used to sell digital products such as contract templates. Although my results are not typical, I made $400 selling consultations the first week I put it on my law blog and I have never looked back. The app syncs the appointment, their contact details, and their legal issue, right on my phone like an automated secretary.

Become A Boss

Growth Tools: To Get Bigger

Tools For Increasing Traffic & Conversion Rate

Sumo Automated Growth Tools

Sumo Automated Growth Tools

Sumo is an all in one tool comprised of many apps to help grow your blog and increase traffic. They have apps to capture e-mails, increase social shares, place call to actions on websites, get subscribers, Live Chat, and analyze the effectiveness of your content.

We currently use it on this very site to power our call-to-actions and social share buttons.

Sumo Size Me

Marketing Automation

Convert Fox Marketing Automation

Convert Fox Marketing Automation

Convertfox is an all in one tool similar to sumo that has live chat, e-mail marketing, lead capture, and user analytics. However, they are different enough that we use both on our sites.

Our Live chat and e-mail marketing is powered by ConvertFox.

Get Conversions

Facebook Ads Tools: To Make Facebook Advertising Easier

Facebook Lead Ads Automation

LeadsBridge Lead Ads Sync

LeadsBridge Lead Ads Sync

We use LeadsBridge to sync our Facebook Lead Generation ads with our e-mail and/or CRM. Whenever we get a lead we get an e-mail via LeadsBridge with the details so we can follow up. It’s essentially a more cost-effective version of Avvo.

Automate FB Ads

Facebook Ad Images

Stencil Social Images

Stencil Social Images

We use Stencil to create Facebook ad images as well as all of our images for this blog. I am not a designer but I am able to create high-converting ad images in the proper formats for Facebook and Instagram.

Get Graphics

Outsourcing: Because Your Time is Valuable

Outsourcing Articles

iwriter custom content

iwriter custom content

We have used iWriter to order custom content for other websites. The amount of money you can pay for an article ranges from next to nothing (a 500 article written by an unproven writer) to expensive (a 4000 article by an elite writer). Our strategy is to order stay in the middle, perhaps a little on the cheap side. Great way for lawyers to get content done that don’t have time to write.

Order Articles

Outsourcing Everything Else

Fiverr Freelance Services

Fiverr Freelance Services

We’ve used Fiverr to order custom content, blog headline ideas, graphics, slideshows, and more. I want to test it to find someone that can write ad and landing page copy. And now with Fiverr Pro, it’s easier to connect with freelancers at the top of their field to design your websites or whatever else you may need help with.

Outsource Everything

Miscellaneous: Because Reasons

Call Page: The Widget That Keeps on Giving

Callpage Phone Conversions

Callpage Phone Conversions

Call Page installs a widget on your webpage that allows visitors that click it to instantly place a phone call to your office. When I used it I exponentially increased phone calls to my firm. If you run a high-volume law practice you’ll love this!.

Get Calls

Facebook Comments

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